otrdiena, 2011. gada 18. oktobris

Buying Local vs. Fair trade

Recently I was helping my mom to do grocery shopping for business. Great part of the food items for business is coming from a chain store. Of course, we used the opportunity to do grocery shopping for ourselves as well in this single visit. I was browsing through the vegetable and fruit section to realize how little of local produce is offered. And also produce from far away- very little is marked organic or fair-trade. I really wanted several things.. But when I read that tomatoes are from Holland, egg plants from Spain etc, it makes me sad. Actually I don't even have a choice there to buy veggies from my own country in the store! Good that very often we're going to local market to buy lot's of things- meats, vegetables, berries in season etc.. but when you walk into a chain-store and want to have something to eat on your way home.. You don't have the options you want to have.
Then today was infographic day on green carpet, and I wanted to share the one I was reading with everyone:
Local vs. Fair trade from Ethical Ocean. These are two options I would like to bet increased also in big stores. But for now it's up to us to go that extra mile to get both Local and Fair trade. Oh, so good that many things are still available local from our own gardens!

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  1. I often have trouble choosing between local and organic. I usually choose local because I have found that a lot of local items are often grown organically, even though they are not labeled as such.

  2. Yes, same here. Many local farmers grow their produce organically with no label. Here in local level certificates are not that important for neither producers, nor customers. They're more important in cases of big stores where you have large factories and giant farms delivering to them and those usually use loads of pesticides, poisons, chemicals and stuff..