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Autumn delights III- apples

Heh, long break on green carpet online, but that just means we have been enjoying more outdoors, family time and indoors creative moments. When it becomes colder, it's so great to sit with a cup of tea while little one is playing on her own and take out all yarns and needles from their "summer sleep". Time to work on some crafts, which will appear later on in photos!
Late autumn is also wonderful for outdoors- clearing the garden, cleaning the courtyard and whole territory from fallen colourful leaves.. And it hasn't been that long since we picked last winter apples for storage.
Here's a little photo report on our apple harvest- 60 boxes for autumn and winter!!! :)

Most of the boxes are still there, waiting to be eaten during the cold months in front of us, but part of them has been already juiced to drink whole winter and until next harvest. Part of them- already baked in cakes, stewed, "jammed" and made in desserts.. But another part of them is dried and there are two types of drying we love:
  • grandma' dried apples are peeled, cut and dried long over the wood oven and they look like this:

  • "fresh" apple crisps are fresh because can be done anytime for eating, they are sliced super thin and dried on batteries: 

Dried apples are very tasty and also healthy snack, and we all know that snacking habit in winter only grows. Besides "fresh"  apple crisps is also a great way to "save" those apples that are harder to store- if you see they're close to spoiling, dry them!
Grandma' dried apples are also wonderful for desserts, but your kinds will love "fresh" apple crisps!

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