ceturtdiena, 2013. gada 31. janvāris

Climate Change- freak out video!

As usually- have been busy with various projects on green carpet. Since I am also looking for a job now and starting university my days are becoming really packed.
About the uni- I have been accepted and already received my boxes of studying materials, I am really super-excited! I am now officially a student at University of London, SOAS, Centre for Development, Environment and Politics. My program- MSc in Sustainable Development. Wish me luck and I will share my progress as much as I can here with you on green carpet.

Last two days I've been starting a paper on Climate Change, covering general facts, scenarios, risks, factors,  turning then to Latvia and it's Climate Change adaptation politics. Looking for various resources, I found a fantastic video that I wanted to share with everyone. It's really great to explain, what's going on in quite a simple manner.

by Leo Murray.

Enjoy watching!

ceturtdiena, 2013. gada 10. janvāris

Juicemaster's detox

Happy and green New Year all!
We here have been very busy on green carpet during the festive season making gifts and celebrating. As the holiday spirit is slowly fading away, new resolutions and initiatives always kicks in. I'm not going to make a list of my hundred resolutions for another year that has come. Instead, I just wanted to share my inner initiative that I have already fulfilled!

After lot's of nice food on tables during winter solstice celebrations I really, really felt like having a detox again. I haven't had a propper one since.. well, since pre-pregnancy.. I used to do the moonphase based detox days, but this time I opted for something a bit longer- a three day juice only detox.

Many thanks to Juicemaster! Recipes were really tasty and well planned.
A comment on how we (yes, my husband participates) feel- first day was great, day two as well despite the fact that I had a friend over and I was cooking both for her and our kids. Felt a little light headed, but really nice, literally felt everything unnecessary leaving my body.
Third day, however, was a bit hard already- Emily's porrige was really tempting. It really was the worst. I But saw it through! And was looking for the next day when I would be able to eat something solid again..

Today is this next day and with yesterday's crisis over I made a wonderful juice this morning adding some thicker ingridients to juicemaster suggested- some more avocado, half of the little banana, few spoons yogurt and handful of soaked almonds and blended it all together. And I continued to feel absolutely wonderful!
If the weekend with grandmom's birthday was not coming up and I was not a little concerned about milk (still breastfeeding), I would probably continue. My husband does, hurray to him! :))

I planned my next meals as salad for lunch, yogurt with some fruit for linner (between lunch and dinner), and a light mixed veggie mash for dinner. Now I have just finished my lunch. Actually I haven't- I ate only half of it and proved my intuition to be right when it tried to convince me that steamed veggies are easier to digest than fresh celery etc. I'll listen to myself next time.

The only thing today I really enjoy a lot is having as many cups of tea as I want! I'm no caffeine addict, I don't really drink more black or green tea than maybe a cup a day. But my lovely herbal teas! Oh, so good to have them back.

A comment on recipes- I'm not sure if that would be fare or legal to publish the recipes here, but since you can download the shopping list for the 3day detox at http://www.juicemaster.com/ I don't see why I couldn't have a word on it.

There's also a low fat no additives yogurt on the list that's missing. And we skipped the mineral water and used tap instead. We managed to have all carrots, beetroots and berries from our own garden, all apples were local and you could see and trust they were not toxic since worms have been eating them too. We found part of the veggies and lemons organic.. but the rest unfortunately- available only conventional produce.
I also think that the fruits and veggies in the recipes are more convenient for other locations than Latvia. However, I believe I'll mix these in future with locally more available things!

Good luck if you decide to take on the three day juice detox challenge, I can promise- it is worth it!