piektdiena, 2011. gada 25. novembris

Crafts for Baby I- crocheted blanket with flowers

After millionth reminder from my husband, I'm finally going public with my crafts on green carpet!
I believe that anything you create with your own hands is first of all special and full of love, because you have dedicated your time, fantasy, work and attention to someone (or yourself!!!) to do it for them (or yourself :) ). 
Second- it is also green, because it is a one baby-step at a time against this superconsumerism world, where everything is being overproduced, created cheap and bad quality just to buy the next one very soon. So I am taking my time to make things to make them special for those I love and to participate in this very quiet revolution against shelves of supermarkets that are full of stuff we don't need and stuff that we need but that won't last as long as we need it. The best buy is the one you do not make! 
So first public project- baby crocheted baby blanket with flowers from baby alpaca wool. I did this when I was expecting my little one, still having just a feeling that it is a girl. I love the colors- they remind me of early spring. And my little one enjoys it now during her naps. 

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