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Autumn delights II- fresh juices!

Fresh squeezed juice has been a tasty booster on green carpet every day no matter of the season. When summer berries are gone the autumn vegetable juices come on the stage and I must say- I absolutely love them.
Simple one veggie juice or mix of several- all fantastic to boost your energy, vitamin and mineral substance levels. This is especially important now when a little one is eating all the vitamins from me. Fresh juices are also balancing acid levels, which are out of balance especially after bigger physical (I think also mental) loads, illnesses and not eating right. And to be honest- most of people today are not eating right.. So juices renew the balance and also clean the organism by showing out the toxic substances from our bodies. Interesting fact is also that nitrates somehow doesn't find their way from fruits and vegetables into the juices.  But another reminder is to drink it right after squeezing, then it's the best. If you have to save it for later, even in the fridge, add a little lemon juice to preserve.

And since I am a little more tired now, I have moved juice time from first thing in the morning to the afternoon to have more energy in the evening. So, here are my favorite ingredients to the lovely autumn cocktails:

  • carrot- my favorite basic all year round ingredient, but right now it's the harvesting season! Carrot juice is fantastic source of A pro-vitamin carotene, but for our bodies to take it in better, you should add a bit of vegetable oil to the juice. I usually add olive oil . It is one of the most valuable veggie juices, it loads you with energy, strengthens heart and blood circulation, cleanses liver. It boosts immunity to infections and is also powerful antioxidant. Carrot juice improves vision, tooth structure and gum health. It regulates metabolism and digestion, so it is good for people with indigestion problems and piles. Carrot juice also protects cells from malignant tumors. It also helps in cases of avitaminosis and anemia and is also anti-inflammatory. For us, ladies, a glass of carrot juice every day will improve the skin tone! And a bonus point- you can use the leftovers for carrot pancakes/ fritters! (I will share the recipe later on)

  • beetroot- contains a lot of vitamin C, carotene and iron, natrium, also folic acid. Beetroot juice is wonderful after illnesses or when the body is weakened after great physical load like giving birth. And this was exactly what I was drinking in the second day after my little one was born- huge cups of beetroot juice that my husband brought me! It increases levels of hemoglobin and improves blood composition, helps in cases of anemia. For it to work better, it is suggested to drink it together with carrot juice. Beetroot juice enhances protein fission and better intake for body. Beetroots are also rich with magnesium, it lowers the blood pressure. Beetroots contain high levels of iodine so they are very good to elderly people and those who suffer from atherosclerosis. It is suggested that beetroot juice also improves memory, mind working capacity and helps in cases of insomnia. It is super sweet by taste, so it's best in mixes, not pure. However, if you want it to help insomnia, drink beetroot juice with a teaspoon of honey. But if you want to have an interesting cold drink- add ice cream! Another advice- the darker the color of beetroot, the more valuable it is. And remember that you had some, when going to the WC, don't feel surprised about pink colors!!

  • apple- autumn apples are now falling from the apple trees, so I add more than usually! Apple juice contains iron, but our body can only take it in as oxide, so it is suggested to cut apples quite before juicing and leave them oxidate (become brownish). Fresh apple juice is rich with also vitamin C, organic acids and pectin substances. It is effective prophylaxis for heart, blood vessels and lung health. Apple juice shows out toxins and slag. It is wonderful to renew energy and especially great for those working with their minds, if tired! It also is great to improve metabolism. Apple juice lowers levels of cholesterol. It is also rich of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. Just like beetroot, it is a wonder-juice for those who suffer from atherosclerosis and other illnesses, including obesity. Apple juice shows out toxins and slug. It is often suggested to smokers to improve breathing functions. Also very good in cases of great mental workload, so take some extra when exams approach. But- do not peel the apples before juicing, because peels contain most of the good stuff! 

  • pumpkin- oh, we got so many huge, orange, yellow and green pumpkin-balls from the garden this autumn, I just must add it to my mix! It is one of the most valuable again- it contains all mineral substances needed for our bodies- copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, silicon, cobalt and also B, C, E, PP vitamins and carotene. And all of those elements are in perfect balance for our metabolism. Pumpkin juice is rich with pectin, so it is very good for those who suffer from guts and intestine tract illnesses. Pumpkins are also great for those with heart and blood-vessel illnesses and obesity. This juice  improves functions of gallbladder, great for liver and kidney sick people. It is also good for bones and gristle. Pumpkin juice also treats diabetes, indigestion, insomnia (again- when mixed with honey). For those suffering from hepatitis, it helps renewing liver tissue. And a little secret- for men it helps to keep their lower parts working well! Ain't that a wonder juice? And since pumpkin juice improves body condition overall, it is also suggested to kids in their diet! I also must remember to give some to my little one when teeth are coming, it should help! 

  • nettle- there's still some fresh nettle around, so I just throw couple of these nasty weeds in the juicer with all the rest of ingredients. Nettle is a super source of iron and vitamin C (contains 4 times more than lemons!), and it has much more vitamin K in its leaves than spinach and cabbage. Nettle juice improves blood composition, cleans the liver and blood, improves vision. You can treat anemia with it. Nettle juice also reduces allergic sympthoms and sugar levels in blood in cases of diabetes. It is recognised to be a great treatment for piles and impotence. And finally- it just makes you feel better by giving an extra boost. Just be aware that it has a very strong taste and may make your throat a little sore if added too much. However, in this mix, you should not feel it that way!

  • spinach- this is more a summer ingredient, but we still have some fresh ones in the garden that are our second harvest of spinach (it is crazy taking into account that it's middle of October in Latvia!!!). Spinach contains a lot of carotene and great vitamin combination- biotin, niacin and others. Spinach juice is also rich with calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium and proteins. IIt contains so much iron and chlorophyll that it resembles hemoglobin in our blood, therefor it is great to treat anemia and spring fatigue or weakness after illness. It cleans the intestine tract, treats skin problems, also dental and oncology illnesses, tuberculosis, diabetes. It also strengthens  the nervous system. Spinach juice also reduces risks to get heart and blood vessel problems and improves vision. It contains very high levels of vitamin E which in its turn balances uterus functions and treats infertility for both men and women. Spinach juice also treats bleeding gums and dental inflammation. So you see why Popeye the Sailor was eating them so much!

Every day the proportions are different and not all ingredients are there all the time, but most of the time these are fantastic for autumn mixes. They are full of everything we need to strengthen our organism before winter and take the advantage of what this season provides! Cheers with a green mix on green carpet! 

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