pirmdiena, 2011. gada 17. oktobris

Rose coffee for those sweet mornings..

It's been almost two months already since that little wonderful girl has also been "walking" the green carpet, and it was yesterday when I realized- I have to get back to some beauty routine. Of course, I still take showers (super-quick ones now), use some organic toners and Weleda face cream, body oils or lotion in a super-speed application.. But what about that very delightful part of being a woman- massaging scrubs, sweet smelling masks etc? It's been a while since I made something for myself and just recently my last bit of scrub was over.. It was time for some feminine indulgences on green carpet!

You already know my favorite basic ingredients, but this time I added something more from our garden..

So what goes in:
  • pure sea salt 
  • ground fair-trade Bio-coffee (used from family breakfast coffee press)
  • organic olive oil (same I use for cooking, salad, facials etc)
  • dried flowers and herbs- lavender, calendula, rose petals- all crushed a little with fingers and mixed in the scrub
  • just enough drops of rose essential oil to make it smell more "rosy"   
Proportions: how ever you like, I made this one a little more liquid than usually and this morning I realised that part of the salt had melted.. next time I'll press that coffee a bit better!
I placed my new scrub again in a nice screw top container and it will now last for quite a while and the beautiful girl will have beautiful mommy!

Rose coffee scrub gives you a nice massage in the shower, smooth skin and a moment of aroma therapy that gently wakes you up in the morning for another day on green carpet..

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