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Frozen goodies V- last of courgette

Time to collect the last courgettes on green carpet! We have enjoyed these whole summer and we still do in various ways- sliced and pan fried, sauteed with other garden goodies, steamed, fried in pancakes.. but now we have the last few, which I would like to save for later in the winter so I could go on eating local instead of buying the ones coming from who knows where in the chain stores!
So this is what we are doing-

  • take them home from the garden

  • wash them and if they are large you might want to peel them and take out the seeds
  • grate the courgettes and squeeze out the water
  • put the grated courgettes in freezing box containers (I chose boxes over bags because they are taking less space in the freezer when you have to fill it full). 
  • Suggestion- leave a little space unfilled before closing the box, they expand while freezing! 
And when the winter comes and you look at the nice green courgettes in the chain store coming from somewhere far away- go to your freezer and take out one of the boxes. 
Here's my favorite courgette pancake recipe: 

  • large grated courgette
  • about 6 spoons flour
  • 1 large egg
  • salt, pepper, whatever spices you like
  • make small pancakes or you might want to call them fritters and pan fry in olive oil! 
I just read a suggestion that it might taste wonderfully with some Parmesan added to ingredients..  Will try in winter! Enjoy the some last of freezing season! 

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