pirmdiena, 2011. gada 3. oktobris

Best bank for the baby :)

Autumn season on green carpet- harvesting and preserving time.. Well, already a while ago we did some baby food freezing for the spring.. But it is still a long time to go till she starts to eat foods like apple purees etc. Until then- the best of course is the breast-milk.
I really love to be a full-time mom, it's so amazing.. feels so natural to me just to be around all the time and take care of her.. But I already miss yoga classes... And I already have some plans to attend circus in December with my love.. And probably some other moments when I just will have to be away for this one feeding time.. And I would really hate to give my precious darling some infant formula..
So I am making the best bank for the baby- a milk bank!  Almost every day I collect the rest of the breast-milk after she's done eating. Best time for me is morning since she doesn't eat much at night and even after she's had breakfast- I still get quite a lot of milk left there. So I collect the milk and put it in the freezing bags, write how much is in there and the date, and that's it! When her dad or granny will have to feed her, they can just take it out, defrost, warm in the bottle and feed her with what's best for her.
My friend suggested to buy quite expensive reusable zipper freezer bags, made specifically for breast-milk. But I somehow didn't want to throw that money out for it. I use the regular small freezing bags. And in our home we open them carefully later on and reuse them, so it's greener than single use anyway. And at least I'm sure what my baby eats, since nothing is better or greener than milk!

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