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Unavoidable single use things? Avoidable!

With the baby on green carpet some more single use things had arrived as well.. Diapers, liners, breast pads, cotton pads, wet wipes etc... Wait.. are all these going to be single use -> throw out  -> pollute the planet stuff??? We found out- not at all, you just have to keep looking! Some of these are available multi-use washable items. And those that are still single use- welcome on the internet era, you can buy the organic/eco friendly version online if not available in your closest stores.
The story of diapers was already covered on green carpet. But apparently just as baby needed diapers, mommy needed liners and breast pads to avoid milk shots on your tshirts all the time. Well, feminine stuff like liners you can find now also in eco-friendly versions with organic cotton like Natracare in local health stores and online .
Since our little girl surprised us a little earlier than we expected, I didn't manage to make research on breast pads, so my dear husband first brought us the regular ones to hospital. Horrible. They were night ones which were supposed to have wonderful 8hr durability. Well, the feel in them was not good, my breasts felt wet all the time and that was no good. And I really hated that I had to throw so many single use stuff in my trash. So I went looking for other options and I found these wonderful Disana washable breast pads made of organic cotton. They are sold in pairs so I bought one to try first. They are fantastic! So I wash them every night to wear them again next day. This week I noticed that amount of milk is growing, so they get wet earlier than night comes. So now I am planning to buy another pair when I get to the store! And I suggest Disana washable breast pads to any breast-feeding mom!

A while ago I also bought some large washable organic cotton pads for removing make-up. Since I live mostly at home and give my face a rest from cosmetic stuff, I found another use for them. They are great for washing that tiny baby face in the mornings, cleaning underarms and other parts of my little friend! That reduces use of single use cotton pads greatly!
So we have managed to avoid these single use items that are very neccessary at the moment by choosing washable multi-use things. Good luck to everyone changing the single use habits!

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  1. I had washable breast pads as well and loved them. The disposables feel so terrible!!