pirmdiena, 2011. gada 3. oktobris

Diaper trouble..

Trouble on green carpet! Of course, just shortly after how I bragged about my diaper choice, how my baby hasn't seen any of the "regular" chemical, bleached etc diapers, we ran out of our Moltex ones. And guess what- in our nearby little town you can't get any eco-friendly ones. Neither in next city.
So I had to go for regular brand, I took Huggie's that claimed to have organic cotton in it. Well, it looked very bleached anyway, but at least something. Not sure whether I can believe the claim though. I just hope I can.
When this pack was coming to an end, I asked my husband to get some eco-friendly from the capital, where he was that day. Since he had something to do in central and he was coming by train, I suggested couple of big stores near the station or drug stores. My surprise was huge, when he called in slight despair that there are none of the nappy brands we used. Actually- no eco friendly nappies at all. I was shocked.. So how can one live a greener life till that little bum grows a little till cloth nappies fit if you actually do not have any better choice?
Good news- Wednesday we're going to see doctors and I will have time to go our city apartment where we already have 3 huge packs of Moltex, and I will also have time to visit a specific store which I know has Moltex just to buy some more in advance... Till then I had another option- buy regular diapers in our small town store by piece, so I bought just few to get through these days. They are terrible and it hurts in my heart to put them on my little one, so I try to have more "bum loves air" time in between.
I know that with a lot of green things you have to plan ahead- buy in advance many things which are not widely available. But I just could not imagine that the eco-friendly diapers will be so rare!

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