ceturtdiena, 2011. gada 6. oktobris

Frozen goodies VI- save that basil!

Freezing on green carpet continues as long as possible. During the summer we have enjoyed lots of fresh basil and fresh home made pesto. I am going to miss this taste in winter.. But wait.. freezer on green carpet still has some space in it!
So if you also want to save that basil from autumn colds and have fresh pesto in winter, do the following-

  • collect the green or purple (depending on the plant) and healthy leaves of basil
  • cut the leaves in peaces
  • crush them in a puree with a blender
  • put the basil puree in freezing bags in portions you will need
And when the winter comes and you want to surprise your friends with "zero miles" fresh basil or pesto for holiday table- defrost it, gather your organic olive oil and nice Italian Parmesan, nuts and make one! 

My suggestion when trying pesto- don't be shy and experiment, not only pine nuts are good for it, but also cashews and walnuts! Mmmm....

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