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media disorientation

Just as I finished the last sentence of the previous thought, some new discussions happened here on green carpet. I love talks on green carpet!
This one however- frustrating. On Japan and radioactivity threats again..
First- there was some very brief informaiton presented that it's gonna be faaaaar from Chernobyl (which makes me happy). In terms of radioactivity, nuclear contamination and other issues, of course. The thing is (supposedly), that Chernobyl had everything going very very high up in the air. This is not going to happen in Japan. Supposedly it can't even seriously harm Tokyo, let alon the rest of the world. This makes me feel better.

What doesn't make me feel better is the different informaiton in media. British (BBC) say that even though it's a disaster there, the earthquaqes, tsunamis, explosions, fires- all happening. And yes, radiation levels are rising, but not to affect the whole world you know. However, Russian media (which in this case is also the source for Latvia media) makes it much more terrible, threatening. Which to believe? I have no idea, honestly.
I know, Russians tend to make things in other countries worse than they are. But maybe there is also some informaiton filtration in British media. So it's either- one of them are lying and it's not so bad there. Or- one of them is hiding information and it's much worse than we know there.
I guess all I can do now is continue to follow, compare and see what it is post factum.
Meanwhile- I feel better for the last news of it being not so bad. Of course, less terible news doesn't meen it's not devastating what happens in Japan. It still is. But I kind of feel safer with less horrible news, let' s hope they are true.

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