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There should be green printing on green carpet!
On a very positive note on green carpet there was found an information on ecofont. Ecofont is a software that basically makes tinty holes in fonts for printing, saving ink, therefore saving Planet. I really love the concept of saving on cartridges in the office, as they are not that easy to recycle and always have to buy new ones (we don' t have the refillables and as we once discussed on green carpet- even refillable are design to print with lower quality after refill- what an evil concept of single use cartridge producers).
What I didn' t know that ink and toner are such horrible polluters, I'm glad to know it now. Apparently they are not only heavy polluters, but also very CO2 intense in production, according to Ecofont. Anyhow, I'd like to keep all the nasty substances out of environment as I can!
Tomorrow I'll test if I can get a demo version and then- calculate the savings. In business it' s all about money to get permission to buy a new software, for example. And I' ll have to know how much money exactly the office will save. Besides- IEcofont is about three Ps- People, Planet, Profit. Nice one. This should work then! Once that is done- straight to my boss (he's very supportive of my green moods).
Meanwhile (coz buying new soft will take a lot of time there), I'm up to convincing everybod to use Century Gothic- this is supposed to be the greenest font for printing from conventional selection on our computers.

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