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European Youth Meeting 2011

It's been busy on green carpet- application time!
I am applying to take part in European Youth Meeting!
European Youth Meeting for Sustainable Development is an "international youth event gathering young people from Council of Europe countries on the issues of Youth and Sustainable Development and representatives from other nations around the world".

Through plenary sessions, thematic working groups, skills workshops and joint document in the end, about 100 young people will work together in Tallin, Estonia from 19th to 24th July to achieve the following aims:

  • To advance and encourage the participation of young people and youth organisations in international decision making-process on sustainable development.

  • To develop a multidisciplinary approach to sustainable development.

  • Through international cooperation exchange experiences, best practices and perspectives on sustainable development.

  • Through the use of web and video capabilities encourage the use of technological advancements to ensure sustainable development

  • To develop at the end of the meeting a policy document called “European Youth for Sustainable Development” supplemented by an action plan. The document will be incorporated to a powerful policy statement to the authors of the Rio+20 Earth Summit Declaration and the Action Plan that gives direction to the dialogue by focusing on a product that requires the support of every young person on the planet.

  • If I get accepted to take part in this Meeting, I have made three promisses:

    • I will contribute more to Homo Ecos as this will be the organisation I represent
    • I will inform about Meeting and its outcomes Green Embassy network in London so the information and knowledge is passed
    • I will start a project in autumn- informative tour through schools where young and active people will talk to school children and other young people about environmental issues, sustainable development and show them the opportunities to influence important decisions about it
    So cross your fingers here on green carpet that I go to Tallinn this summer!

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