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Fukushima.. too quiet?

I was one of those kids they called a "Chernobyl kid"- I was born in February 1986 and in Latvia nobody told anyone about what happenned there or the radiation that came towards and on us. So my mum was letting me to sleep outside in the sun thinking it will be good for me.. and only later on they got the shocking news.. I really don't want my baby to be born a "Fukushima kid"..
What Japan has experienced in these last few days is tragic. Experts and IAEA say the consequences are going to be only local and nothing like Chernobyl will occur. They say it from the present circumstances though, from how it looks now. Totally calm I can be only when it is all long gone and no further explosions, leakages, earthquakes and tsunamis are taking place.
But what I am really, really shocked about is- I can't really find widely spread information on
1) further environmental effects
2) what are they doing with the sea water that goes in for plant cooling?

1- I hear that further tectonic shifts are going to take place affecting America as well, but what about the ocean, air, land pollution? Of course, saving people and cooling and watching nuclear plants now is the first and foremost important. But I believe there should be some more information on environmental issues as well.
2- The process is not very well explained in the media for people, and I wonder if they have proper water treatment and decontamination system that would? I really fear the contamination going back to the sea or land from the water that is pumped out of the pland after the cooling. Lack of information makes people more worried than they should be maybe.

Another true unexpected surprise was that one of my favourite websites theecologist.co.uk has published only one, very short article on Fukushima. And it's not even on Japan but on the discussion whether Britain should halt the plans for nuclear plant. I find it very disappointing that such a big thing as this has earned no attention.

I guess these questions will need some follow up later on.
Let's pray for Japan and Planet!

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