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City garden and pasture in dump

This very morning I was reading news on green carpet. In Latvia there is a dump called "Getliņi", which belongs to Ltd "EKO Getliņi". To save money on reaping the grass on huge territory, they will again (started last year) place sheeps there! The grazing sheeps are the best way how to keep the grass covered land clear and tidy with no technical effort.
A new plan of Riga City Council this year is to also grow vegetables- tomatoes and cucumbers there. They are still unsure what the demand in shops will be for these, as people might be put off by label "grown in Getliņi", however, some might even choose them over others. Just to support the practical use of the territory.
I am still unsure whether I can say thad Riga City Council and enterpretneurs finally do something really green for its city. I mean, seriously, sheeps instead of heavy reaping machinery on fuel? Seems what can be greener than that? Well, I'm just a little worried about how good is the grass they're gonna graze on because of the dump next to it.. The same about veggies. I'll have to check on it and see if there are any expert opinions on how clean it is for sheeps and for us to eat. Meanwhile- yeah, it seems pretty cool idea, I'm a supporter for now :)

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