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The greenest gift of all and flying :)

It hasn't been all that quiet on green carpet as it may seem. Quite contrary-it's been pretty busy!
I really don't like flying. No, I'm not scared of being in the air, it's just- very not-green way to travel. But unfortunately it is the only way to visit my family that I can squeeze in a weekend, so I took a flight. Another reason I don't like it- it's not very healthy, I dehidrate too much. So I was thinking of a way how to cut both of these negative effects..
First and easiest to handle is the health point- more organic facial creams before and after flights, hand creams, warm and cosy flight socks. And most important- plenty of water, now that we are "two in one"- even more water. I don't sit at the window anymore, only the aisle- taking a walk now and then (in 2,5h flight I use the wc at least 2-3 times), so nobody has to get up to let me out :) Little kindness to other people is one of the greenest things in our lives.
Most difficult is to deal with the environmental effect of my flight. But there is one interview that comes very handy to me.. Conversation with Derrick Jensen. There is a part where he tells how he started volunteering- he converted the petrol price he paid to drive his car to working hours he then volunteered to environmental organizations. I don't  drive at the moment. But I fly about every two months. So my volunteering to Homo Ecos is not just doing something nice for the environment. It's kind of an indulgence for me as well :) And isn't the time the most precious and greenest gift you can give? So I try to give mine to several "saving the planet" things and actions. One of them being Homo Ecos project.

But this time actullly I was having another greenest gift in my mind.. Which also was the reason of me and my husband flying back to Latvia to visit our families.. We had a gift to give them.. a gift which they will receive early september- a grandchild :) And truly- baby is the very greenest gift that we have received and that we can give.. It's growing in me- the most environmentaly friendly "home" of all. And it's emerged from pure love, light and our bodies. And that is the most amazing gift of all :)

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