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following Fukushima, diet and fear

And just as I was writing yesterday's article, the Fukushima experienced further destruction. Today the positive forecasts of the catastrophe being only local have disappeared in thin air as the contamination levels have reached 6 of 7. They call it "slow Chernobyl" as the fire is still on.

Yesterday evening as news continued there was a discussion on green carpet of how it will affect us. Seems that radiation levels in air won't reach us here in London. But it will still affect us later on. Especially what we eat..
Once the contamination is released in sea water and reaches the ocean, no more saltwater fish will be edible or other seafood either. The ones we can buy now (especially frozen) are quite safe, because it's an old catch. But later on- shouldn't.
We believe and hope that we are right, that it won't affect the fish in Baltic sea, as it's very inland, and that is a tiny bright star for not only my diet, but also for ecosystem of Baltic sea, which is already difficult enough. (Its salt level is very low compared to other seas, therefore it's  lacking the ability to cleanse itself as good as other seas).
Another "quick" effect on us personally- no picking mushrooms this year. I was already picturing the summer - me and my huge bump taking long and slow walks in the forest in the countryside and picking mushrooms, eating loads of them and preserving for winter. However unfortunately, fungus are one of the most perceptive organisms to the radiation. We'll have to resist this year unfortunately, even as far as Latvia.

As to my yesterdays question, BBC published some answers: "The authorities have pumped sea water into three reactors. This water is likely to have been contaminated by its passage through the reactor, but it is currently unclear whether any of it has been released into the environment" and that contamination "it lingers in the environment and can continue to present a problem for many years".

A lot is going to change now as the region around the reactors was very industiral, so the production of many things has been stopped and the situation will be different now for a very long time.
Experts still don't know what's going to happen today, tomorrow, and how to deal with this catastrophe and what the effects are going to be in next month, 6 months or a year. And due to contamination in the environment, there was some hint on green carpet that it will take years and years till the region will be habitable again.

As for today- I actually am scared. But my baby makes me feel positive and believe that the future holds the light as well.

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