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green pregnancy

As you may have realized from previous posts, we're expecting a baby on green carpet! :)
Already before the pregnancy I read the book called "Raising Green Baby" with huge amount of suggestions how to make the pregnancy green, how to make your house green etc. But right now my concern is how to make my bump the first greenest room for the baby :)
I've been preparing for that for quite a while- quitting my bad habits, having new ones and eating well.
Eating well is actually the most important part here as baby receives everything I eat and drink. I'm not worried about coffee as I don't drink it  or tea as I drink only hand picked and organic (or sometimes bought organic). But with the food.. I'm still not always sure about what I eat..
My every morning starts with a huge cup of hot water with lemon juice and large teaspoon of Manuka honey. I buy only organic lemons for that, and Manuka honey is good as well. A handful of hand picked cranberries from Latvian woods are organic as well. And so is the sip of home pressed black currant juice from our own black currants in the garden. So first intake- very green indeed.
Then I have a multi fruit and vegetable juice. My Philips juicer is still new, fast and effective (as suggested by Juice master), so it takes just a moment of all my carrots, beetroots, oranges, apples, grapefruits, ginger, lemon and whatever else combination I use every morning to be turned into a vitamin booster. At that speed I believe that I don't waste too much energy either. The other concern is- I'm not sure about the 'greeneness' of the veggies and fruits. It would cost a fortune to buy everything on farmers market comparing to supermarket carrots and fruits bought on regular market. Where unfortunately no one can tell, what has been used on them. I wash them and peel them carefully to get the most bad stuff off. But I'm not sure if that's enough. So I aim now (as I should have done already long ago) to slowly turn to every veg and fruit organic version now. I hope I manage.
Breakfast- I bake the bread myself from all organic flour and seeds or bring it from Latvia from one particular bread maker, which I know for quality and traditional bread. Very occasionally buy bread here (no preservatives, colours or stuff in it). So no worries about bread  :)  Cereals- also organic. Yogurt- Yeo Walley or Rachel's Organic. Milk- organic full fat. Porrige cereals- not labeled organic, but always brought the quality ones from Latvia. Jams- only homemade from my own family garden, made with love :)  Butter- organic. Cheese- not, but don't  eat that often. Quark- from Latvia, homemade at the countryside mostly. Veggies- tomatoes etc- again a thing to turn to organic from farmers markets.
Lunch and dinner- all home made only (with very rare exceptions of eating out). But the same problem with veggies again, should switch to organic I believe.  Fish I buy at Billingsgate with a hope that it's an environmentally friendly catch. But the biggest fear is meat. It's a background thing..

I come from the country side, from the hunter's family. I have used to eat meat that is always fresh, healthy and highiest quality that can be possible on this planet- wild animals- venisons, deers, wild boars, wild ducks and many others. And even if it's a lamb, pork, rabbit, duck or poultry- it's usually home grown at grannies or bought from local farmers. So my perception is- this meat is superhigh quality and nothing bad is in it. Too bad for me. Whenever I go home, I always come back to London with a full suitcase of wild meat- fresh, already prepared, in sausages etc etc. I can't remember myself buying meat here, only very rarely. But I live two families together, so my friend buys the meat. And not always the highies quality, but Tesco value. NOT GOOD! My problem is- when it is unwrapped or on the plate, my unconscious perception still is that it is the same good meat as the wild one. So wrong.
I really don't want to eat meat that has been fed with growth hormones, antibiotics, not even mentioning the inhumane conditions it's sometimes grown. So my last promisse to myself was- I'm only eating meat that's brought from home or bought here organic. I want to be safe, but most of all I want to protect my baby. He or she deserves the best, and if I eat meat, I'll make sure I eat good one. Yesterday I made a first CONSCIOUS step of not eating meat that was on my plate from unknown sources. I even managed to do it in a very subtle way that my friend who had cooked it didn't feel offended. :)
So my first step -organic meat - has been met already. Now the big next step- fruits and veg.

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