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Autumn delights IV- Carrot pancakes- reduce your leftovers!

It's been a while ago since I promised to post a recipe what to do with the leftovers after squeezing carrot juice.

On this post on Autumn delights on green carpet you will find a reminder about fresh juices, but here is the recipe for carrot pancakes/ fritters.
After you have juiced your carrots for a fresh vitamin drink, take the pure carrot "dry" leftovers from the juicer container. If you juice the mix of vegetables, remember to juice carrots first and remove the leftovers before juicing other ingredients!
Then add to the carrots the following:

sour cream
pinch of sugar and salt

mix it all together in a thick, creamy paste and put spoonfuls on a pan with hot olive oil and fry on medium fire till golden brown. I suggest turning them couple of times to be sure they're well fried!
They are the best with sour cream. You can eat them hot or cold, but I have to confess that in our home they disappear still burning hot right from the pan...

And if you want to experiment, my suggestion would be mixing leftovers from carrot and pumpkin juice together!

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