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Frustration after Durban

This morning started very well on green carpet- baby time, shower, tea, yoga, walk outside.. and then I read  The Ecologist on COP17..  feeling 'Angry' would be underestimated..
Durban was supposed to be a place where to decide more closer action and more action itself on Climate Change (CC). Unfortunately it was turned out to be a place that shows our inability to act and reach obvious goals and a place to talk about opportunities not to do anything or as little as possible.
The Ecologist also reminds that many countries are 'justifying' themselves by poor economic situation, however, what they should have done is redirection of finances from what's polluting to what's green and that would already be step ahead.
Talking about 'new deal' on CC sounds more like a "blaaablaaablaaaa".. why? As my professor Troy Gordon on Genocide, War Crimes and Human Rights class once said- we do not need new conventions now, first we have to start implementing existing ones... I say that same applies here.. Ok, Kyoto is coming to an end.. but that isn't the only document we have that is supposed to guide our statesmen how to run the country to make our world sustainable and stop CC at 2 degrees! One might argue that we need one more specific on CC and Environment. Fine, I can agree with that. But creation on such deal should not be primary now. It should be a 'side' process while we are already acting on agreed- reducing emissions (instead of trading why should I be allowed to pollute more than others), investing in renewable energy (like supporting individuals who want to put solar panels on their houses instead of subsidizing use of fossil fuels) etc. I could go on and on and on about pollution taxes that should be implemented along with incentives for those willing to use "green" technologies (cars, heating, energy etc.) or how world organisations should work out the implementation control better.
I loved what Professor Barrett offered in another article, before Durban took place. Idea on 'Carbon Club' was great, but especially good in my opinion was a Sector-by-sector approach, where countries would agree on some specific area where to apply reductions and improvements instead of this very vague goal- reduce by 40%. We could start with aviation since airplanes are super-pollutants. IMO is already doing well on shipping but we can always commit more. We could do on cars, agriculture, steel factories, textiles etc etc.. This could be applied not only thinking about CC, but also general Environmentally friendly practices. I believe this would work so much better!

Our problem here is that we agree on certain things without true wish to act on them. And why is that? Because there's no one to punish us for that. One, two, three, ten, thirty countries can sign a document stating that we are going to reduce GHG emissions, but if they don't we just keep playing shocked and say- they are bad ones.  And that's it. At the moment there are no real consequences, no sanctions, no embargoes, boycotts or such. And GHGs are flying up in the air and temperature is raising..
It makes me sad to read how slowly the reduction is going.. but it makes me truly sick to read how the EU, which is supposed to be very green and proactive, is not reducing the promised numbers but thinking of how to make the developing countries reduce the rest of the amount! Thank you, The Ecologist, for once again removing my rose colored glasses (or 'green' in this case) on the EU.
And part about climate finance?! Ughh... well, I'm not that naive to think that it's gonna be really easy to work out the huge money issues, but seeing the numbers 2 of 30 billion? That's open plan cheating. Countries are not willing to put such money in their own territory to green them up, let alone global south.. Yes, there should be more transparent and first of all- effective system to direct the money properly. The question remains- who will do that the best? And how to make sure it's not corrupted. Because- let's face it- to many people it's pure business. But I believe that it's wrong to put such people in charge. This course should be led by someone who sees the world green and sustainable in their vision, who is following idea, not money or power in their heart.
Once again it's time to realize- it's all down to us, people as both individuals and society together to act, to change and to do something. So I encourage everyone again- vote with your wallet, do some boycott and some bycott, request from your municipalities and governments what you think is right thing to do! And TALK about it with other people. And maybe, just maybe, those people up there will hear us and we will see different numbers on next meeting! Remember- you can make your voice heard, look up for chances to do that for Rio+20!

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