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Crafts for interior III- Advent wreath II

There was a discussion on green carpet about how green really are our Advent wreaths I felt that maybe I should say a word or two here too..
You are cutting trees!- Well, we only take few branches from big trees and that does not really hurt them, besides my family is planting trees as their business, so we're cutting our own. And then I thought - hey, that's a good idea! We should encourage people to plant their own future Christmas trees and trees to use for decorations!
You are using artificial decors that are made of all those plastic, toxic ingredients!- I must admit, that we use few, indeed.. but we don't use plastic only, we use glass and ceramics as well.. besides, whatever we use, we do it for many years. We still have ribbons and little balls that my mom purchased about 10 years ago, and they still look great if you take care of them.. and most important- collect them after use in a box for the next winter!
You are using toxic color sprays and powders! - Yes, unfortunately we do. I haven't yet found another solution to how to make thing golden or copper without a color spray or powder.. I'd love to have other ways too!So if anyone comes across an ecological colors, please, please, please, let me know! And to justify myself a little bit again here- if I color spray a pine cone or a coffee bean or a hazelnut, I use it again for more than one year. I also make sure there's no-one nearby to breath in that fume. Our rule with unnatural stuff is simple- use it multiple times and take care of it to use longer!!! 

For many things nowadays you can find a non-toxic, pure alternatives, like candles, for example. You can ditch the regular candles made of paraffin that are not good to your health and choose the vegetable based wax or bee wax candles instead. This is what I promise to do next year, since this year we used what we already had. I just take caution not to light them in the room when my little one is in and they are lit only for short period of time. Unfortunately many things are still as toxic as they were.. I am really looking forward for it to change!!! And I kindly ask you, if you find an alternative that doesn't compromise the looks or quality- please, please, please, let me know!!! 

But here to have some visual joy again- another Advent wreath, this one I did for my dad's office!

I just love the smell of fir trees during this time of year.. whenever you pass it buy, aroma therapy kicks in! 

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