piektdiena, 2011. gada 9. decembris

Story of Cosmetics...

Here on this side of the ocean green carpet is a little greener and I do believe that cosmetics are a bit safer than Annie tells.. By that I mean that at least we can trust the label "Organic" since it has to be certified here in Europe. However, the rest still applies, I can't believe what chemicals they put in baby wipes! You can clean the nastiest (is that a word?) spots on your clothes with them! But that's all they're good for, no baby bums! Horrible, how much toxic stuff we put on and in our bodies daily! I think the sadest part is that our babies are born already loaded with the toxic stuff..
Just a funny reminder what not to use from Annie- Story of Cosmetics:

Remember- Toxics in -> Toxics out!

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