otrdiena, 2011. gada 31. maijs

Photo report on Avocado day

As promissed, last wednesday evening on green carpet was very green indeed. Literally :)

After the shower I plunged myself into avocado.
  • Hair mask experience (recipe in previous post)- I used half of avocado, whole seemed too much. It blends with honey in perfect, smooth substance, very soft and I found that also my hands were enjoying it when I massaged it through my scalp and hair. I left it in for 30min and washed out with shampoo. Result- after washing hair seemed a bit rough, but today when dry felt very soft!
  • Bump mask experience- I made another portion of the face mask (recipe in previous post, just added much more avocado than anything else this time) and happily covered with it my bump.. Baby seemed to be fine with avocado massage. It was a bit messy as I had to sit down for those 30min not to touch anything :) It felt great, smooth and quite refreshing during the time I had it on. Result- washed it off and my skin had the same plump-effect as my face did in the morning!

I would suggest the Bump mask to every pregnant woman! It feels fantastic to treat yourself like this.. And it's also a lot of fun for everyone who sees you like that!

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