trešdiena, 2011. gada 1. jūnijs

That rubbish..

Wherever I go I like to walk on my green carpet.. And that also includes dealing with things I don't need in a green manner.
This morning I was walking to work and was searching something in my bag. It is a bit messy at times, so I wanted to get rid of some papers there- you know, bills, cards etc. I looked around- no bins. I continued walking. Still no bins. Oh, wait there is one! Hmm, but it's not for recycling. No, no. I'll wait.
Then I saw it- wonderful street recycling bin, the one that has sections for paper and for general rubbish. I was already taking my papers out of the bag to throw them in the nice opening for papers.. and then I saw it.. The very sad proof of very uneducated society around me. The paper section of th ebin was full... of everything possible. Yes, there were some papers.. But also foil wraps, cigarette buts, ice cream sticks, even plastic bottles. I mean- are people really that illiterat they can't read "PAPER"?!?

I left my junk paper in my bag till I got to work and threw it out in our office paper recycling box (which I by the way proudly set up a very long time ago). At least I know it will go for the recycling.
But this situation makes me so angry! There are so few recycling bins on the street for us to use. And those that we have are full of other junk. I think that is very disrespectful from people to do that.
The question though remains- how to change it? If it is difficult to sometimes make few colleagues to throw the paper in the right box instead of the bin under the desk, then how can I change those who I don't even know?
Maybe bigger signs and writings on bins like "PAPER ONLY" or something would help. And also - the warning that the fine for putting inappropriate litter in recycling bins are the same as for littering on street?
Meanwhile, I can just remind this to the people whom I see doing the wrongs.

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