pirmdiena, 2011. gada 23. maijs

Spray that cucumber!

Another refreshing note on green carpet- face and body spray!

I finished my wonderful tea and lemon juice toner and decided to make a new one, but this time- even lighter than the one before. One I could take with me everywhere and spray on my face and body whenever it's been a bit too hot.. Hmmm.. so I needed something very light, refreshing and green.. the first thing that popped in my mind was- cucumber.. the juicy and green cucumber..
It smells nice, it's light.. and in the end- that is what we put on our eyes after a long night or too long staring in the monitors! If it can do for eyes, it should do for rest of the skin.

So my super-simple recipe:
  • juice the piece of cucumber,
  • put some silver in the water to clean it and make it perfect,
  • cool it all and mix two equal parts of cucumber juice and water together in a spray bottle!

I made two for myself- I keep one in the bathroom, another- in the fridge for times when I want it really cooling (like for my feet in the evening).
And it is so super-simple! I could do one every other day!

It is also a warning: you have to make it fresh more often to make sure it doesn't get old! But it's so easy, it's not a slightest problem :)

It feels fantastic- the light and fresh feeling that stays combined with just a moment long aroma therapy (fades away so quickly)..

 Spray that cucumber!

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