ceturtdiena, 2011. gada 19. maijs


There have been some very good smelling moments on green carpet.
One of them was creating new face and body scrub. After I did the last one, I realised- I'll probably never buy one in the shop again. It's so easy, natural and the best- tailored to your personal wishes.
This time I chose a little bit different notes on it to have fresher feeling as the weather becomes warmer.

So what goes in:
  • sugar (fairtrade, home grown)
  • grinded fairtrade organic coffee (used from yesterdays decaf mocca cup)
  • chopped balm mint (grown in our apartment, hanging in the window)
  • organic sesame oil (I buy it in big volumes for everything, and I use my own containers to buy it, so less plastic bought and used)
  • mix of essential oils - verbena and sweet grapefruit. 
Proportions: how ever you like, I don't like mine too liquid though, I like the sugary feeling :)
Placed again in a nice screw top container and in my bathroom.

Perfect morning massage once in a while with this!

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