svētdiena, 2013. gada 3. februāris

Shower to snow..

I've added many new health practices this winter, you may have noticed few here on green carpet. It's time I share another one with you, real good!
I have switched my morning shower to snow baths outside! I'm not kidding.
I started by taking our compost in the mornings barefoot, when at my parent's place in the country. In city apartment I would just walk back and forth the balcony that is covered with snow. It is truly refreshing, wakes you up, gives good, healthy contrast bath and actually warms you up in the end. Start with just few steps on a flat, thin snow. Do not be scared, feet really are not freezing, and after it you will receive a hot, energetic rush.

Then I took a step further- I ran naked outside (even in not so remote places, it is possible that no one sees you if you wake up early enough!) and grabbed handfuls of snow to rub my skin all over my body. Don't forget the face and neck! Ah, what a wonderful feeling! Rush of energy and excitement runs through your body then!
And there it came, the final step- I just dropped my whole body in a soft, fluffy snow, turned to my back and front several times, washed my face with snow. That is truly amazing to be able to do that, and all it actually takes is a little courage to start it.

Of course, I still shower every other day and wash myself with warm water, but nothing can compare with this- the crisp, fresh winter air and snow baths for your soul and body!

Be adventurous! Be courageous! And take the liberty to do something some would call crazy. But then again- it is insanely great way to wake up your body and mind, and health benefit of hardening oneself is something everyone recognizes.
It's much better to harden yourself than look for remedies to cure yourself later.

Enjoy the snow while winter is still here and surprise your family with some surprising footprints in the snow!

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