otrdiena, 2013. gada 5. februāris


I am looking outside my window on a snowy field.. earlier today I was walking on ice with my kid and enjoyed the winter. Global warming may not yet take that away from us, but it is taking that away from our planet year by year..
It is time to wake up and see how Climate Change is really happening initiating the vicious circle of melting ice in Arctic and warming up the atmosphere and world's oceans.

by Yaleclimateforum Channel

If we saw such things over 2012, what 2013 could bring us in terms of Climate Change? Some scientists have quite an insight to give.. 

It has turned out to be a real video week on green carpet. Many of the videos on the web are encouraging. Many of them- truly depressing. But we do need them to wake up. 

Enjoy watching!

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