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"Hungry for change" - film review

I've had "Food Matters" film on my shelf for couple of years now I think, and I absolutely loved that movie. And so I came to love the newest piece of "Food Matters" creators- "Hungry for Change". This film should be on video library of every family. This is hard hitting, stripping of lies and inspiring piece that is meant to make every person healthy and happy.

Sounds cheesy? Not really. Kirs Carr, David Wolfe, Joe Cross, Jon Gabriel, Dr.Alejandro Junger, Daniel Vitalis along with others tells the story why people try to eat better foods, but fail, put on weight. They not only talk about crisis in our health or lack of it, but also provides guidance how to return to the natural state of health.

One of the speakers I enjoyed the best is Jason Vale, commonly known as Juicemaster whose lovely book we have at home and who inspired me and my husband to do the Juicemasters three day detox in January. By the way, I plan to participate in the next juice detox challenge in April now!
Jason also tells why juicing is so important for our bodies. "It is a 15minute nutrient express to health."

It was kind of surprising to listen about the actual addictions. And when I come to think about it- I recognize the feeling inside. And honestly, at parts of the movie I wanted to reach for the chocolate (natural dark chocolate, not the "chocolate bar" that has everything but chocolate in it.. but it is still sugar!!!).. that is crazy.
I agree to Jason and to Jamie Oliver that it is an abuse of people, especially children, that we allow the stores to sell those things! The cheating by the food, diet and weightloss industry is increadible- hiding sugars under different names, taste enhancing chemicals, smg, aspartame, wrong fats...
I'm never having a diet coke again in my whole life. I've never been fond of it, but I still would have few times a year. Since now I know that it kills your brain cells and is addictive too- thanks, but no thanks!!!

There are more new things I got to know, for example, about the connections of toxins to fat. So when you sweat out the fat, you still have the toxins inside and body produces more fat to link to the toxins. Hence you have to find a natural way to detox the body first instead of just loose the fat. Green vegetables and naturally gelatinous plant fibres are basic to clean your body. Adding two more herbs- parsley and cilantro- can do wonders aparently. Due to the last comment I will hopefully expand on herbs some time soon.

I particularly loved the suggestion how to deal with this problem- instead of putting yourself on a diet that would just turn you more hungry of fats and sugars, replace things you eat one by one. Instead of cutting things out, start by adding fresh vegetables, fruits, unprocessed dairy and meat. Add that cucumber, add that avocado and apple to your meals. And slowly the good things will push out the bad ones, you won't need the bad alternative that does harm to your body, because there will be plenty of good ones and your body will know how to choose.
Can we start by swapping the foods we purchase in store to some more natural, organic ones from local producers, health shops, farmers markets?

According to the film, if you want to go healthy, go simple. If it grows in the garden, it's edible. If it's created in a lab, it takes a lab to digest. If it has a shelf life longer than you, it's a common sense you shouldn't eat it.

Self love is big issue for many people and I liked that this film made a point on that too. All the psychological aspects are important too. What is eating you? Why eating is a solution and what is that something that you solve by eating? Importance of sleep during stress periods is so very connected to piling up the pounds. Do you excersise? It's not just about the burning fats, it's the psychological solutions, decrease of stress hormones, decrease of pain etc.
The idea of comfort food comes from the childhood. And one of the best advices that this film gives to me is to really care what I give to my child so in case she needs a comfort food, she chooses healthy instead of box of cookies or french fries. I'm happy that at the moment her comfort food is breastmilk, raisinis and variety of berries..

The film constantly reminds that health is our natural state and that we can actually become healthy and beautiful. At the beginning I didn't really understand, why they have to "sell" all the good ideas under the beauty banner. But when they spoke on our natural attractions and where ideas of beauty come from, I thought that it was good that they didn't skip the beauty part.

This film has been both a reminder of things we know already, and an eye opener too about the connections in our bodies and the ugly truth of processed foods. But most importantly, it is a true inspiration to do better, to treat our bodies according to their needs instead of what producers want to sell us.

Many of the speakers have made this important turn in their life after getting to the tipping point. They got really sick, obese, almost died. And that made them realise what are the things they must change. So they are sharing this knowledge with us. And I believe that us, the average people with no high overweight and connected diseases, are the ones who are the most difficult to turn to the healthy eating. We eat kind of healthy, so we think that because of that we can afford to have the dead foods, the highly processed foods with refined sugars and bad fats. Including myself. But this film really is an inspiration.
My husband who is currently on juicing tour again, is probably going to laugh about me now and give me that "I told you so" look.. But I know that also for him the above problem is big- he can go juicing for a week and then just crush on meat, cakes, junk food. But with a propper and I should say regular guidance and understanding of connections we should be able to do better.

I want to heal my mind and body having natural divine flavors. It is wonderful to have speakers like this on my computer now! I hope they will inspire you too to clean up and turn away from chemistry and towards living more natually.
p.s. - I think I will pick up the book too!
I am hungry for change!

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