piektdiena, 2012. gada 13. janvāris

Fighting winter colds..

Today I was supposed to go to the Environmental Forum at the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development. This Forum covers the NGO work in environmental protection, cooperation with ministry and developing resolution. Well, the words "I was supposed to go" already tell you that I didn't. Why?
Winter colds put me and my little one down for a while..
Good news though- Ministry is streaming the forum online. Although I can't manage to see it all, at least I can grasp some moments, which is so much better than nothing, thank you so much!

Most of my attention though is now directed to get better. Since my little one has only running nose at the moment, I try to keep her daily life (walks outside, playtime etc) as usual, just watching her closely and "spraying" some breast milk in her nostrils. It is actually the best cure for little babies, known for generations and generations, and even suggested by my GP!
Weird thing- in the latest magazine Mans Mazais (Eng: My little one), which is one of the largest baby magazines in Latvia it was said that doctors do not suggest it since it may clog the nose even more due to sugars and fats in milk. Hmm... really weird? No.. sad actually. That makes me think that some magazines and doctors are bought by medical companies again. I mean- you can't sell the breast milk in the drugstore like other  'stuff', so you just tell people it's bad and they will go to look for something they can buy to help the baby. Horrible. I'm very happy that my GP is not one of such people and that I can find better reads like The Mother magazine- an international natural parenting magazine.
So for now I'm just keeping my baby drug-free and cross my fingers that she's getting better really fast!

As for myself- I'm still in the process of getting better. My coughing is less horrible today and nose is less running so that's a progress. So, here's a list of my remedies now (order is not prioritized, I use all of them together constantly):

  • Hot milk (organic, unpasteurized) with tablespoon of honey (organic), then I add pinch of bicarbonate soda and 1/4tsp ghee or pure natural butter; other option- add ghee and turmeric powder; other option - add ground cinnamon. I drink all versions!
  • Hot linden tea with honey. Sometimes I add some other herbs as well. More on teas - in this post
  • Hot raspberry drink- add hot water to the frozen raspberries from summer and add honey. 
  • Eat few teaspoons of aloe with honey every day.
  • Stodal syrup - a homeopathic remedy for coughing. 
  • Angin-Heel - a homeopathic remedy for coughing. 
  • Herbal Ayurvedic Balm by Siddhalepa from our honeymoon in SriLanka- putting it under/around my nose to relieve breathing, put it on my chest to warm up. I also smear it around my room - on my bed railings, on my little ones bed to relieve her nose as well. It's actually very very multi-purpose balm and really good. 
  • Mudras for upper breathing system and cough. 
  • And all this is accompanied with handful of cranberries and bags of mandarins, yumm. 

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