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Fighting winter colds II

Umf, to some sneezing we added coughing - some sick times continues on green carpet. Well, winter is here and it's said that it's one of worst winters in pneumonia cases, so we continue to take in some natural remedies.

My little one:

  • She has already tried her first syrup- the same homeopathic one I'm having- Stodal. She kind of liked it! 
  • I had Unckalor homeopathic drops ready in case her cough gets worse since it's natural antibiotic, but very strong one. No need for that yet since she's in a good mood, playing, smiling, eating and sleeping quite well, and it seems we're getting better every day!
  • I also tried tapping massage her with olive oil- that helps to expectorate.
  • Instead of bathing her every night we are doing "steam bath"- putting a pot of boiling chamomile tea with a dash of baking soda. 

  • She has experienced her first mustard patches on those tiny feet couple of hours every day. 
  • I massaged her feet with cedar tincture for the night. 
  • I made potato warmers for her. This is how to do it: boil a potato, smash it a bit, put it in a linen cloth and keep it on her chest for a while. It helps wonderfully, but be careful to check the temperature first on yourself since it's very hot!!! And remember, that babies have much more sensitive skin than you do. And check it under the warmer constantly! 
  • On every nappy changing I put new warm linen cloth on her chest- linen has wonderful properties of keeping the warmth, so I just warm it up on the bathroom heater and then put it under her top.  

I also have "updated" my own remedy list:

  • Homemade cabbage syrup: boil few cabbage leaves in little water, let them cool and soak in more, then drain and add honey to the liquid. Take by tablespoon several times a day. 
  • Mustard patches on my feet and pepper patches on my chest. 
  • Black radish syrup- if you have a large one, carve the radish and put the honey in it, let it soak for a while and take in the liquid several times a day. If you have a small one- grate it finely, add honey and let it soak. 

  • I also had some potato warmers for myself (look above). 
  • I also made some warmers from linseed. Here's how to do it: since  microwave are no no!, heat the linseed on the stove in a pan, then put it in a cloth bag or use the nylon sock, then put it around your neck and keep it there till it's cool. Got my voice back quickly. 
  • My mom arrived from her trip and had another advice- there are those detox patches you put on your feet during the sleep to detox your body from all heavy metals, toxins etc. Well, we did put it on our chest. 

The basic things to eat and do to avoid the ills and to get rid of them faster:
  • Garlic! One of the most basic natural remedies that can be there- eat it, chop it finely and put around the room to. 
  • Pollen- eat it pure or with honey, how ever you like, but do eat it. It's rich with loads of good stuff.
  • Black currant juice- drink a sip every day to keep your vitamin levels up! We make a lot in summer to last for whole winter.
  • Ventilate your rooms. Even though it's middle of the winter, I still keep a tiny opening in my window during the night and we sleep very well. 
I have to say with pleasure- we're getting much better and soon we'll be back in our daily business! 
But we still have to be careful, germs are spreading around- my brother and my husband also got sick. I hope we will manage to get them well faster than ourselves. 
Now it's time to take another cup of herbal tea that smells so sweet of hot summer day..  Be well all of you!  

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