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Frozen goodies IV - pear puree - baby food

With baby arrival coming closer on green carpet there has been more attention to baby food than ever before. Few posts before I already shared my apple puree. Now it was time for pear puree- so sweet and soft that I had to make it both for baby and grown-ups as well :)
This time I did two different purees, but first you have to

  • Pick loads of green pears from the garden.

  • Peel them, cut them in four, cut out the hearts.

Variation 1
  • Slice the quarters
  • Put all of them in deep oven bake tray and cover with foil
  • Cook them in the oven, stir once in a while until all soft

Variation 2
  • Cut the quarters in halves
  • Put all of them in a pot 
  • Boil them on low fire until soft and juicy
Next steps for both variations
  • Smash the pears even more

  • Let them cool completely
  • Put the tiny baby portions in the ice cube trays
  • Put the rest in larger freezing boxes
  • Both trays and boxes go in the freezing bags and in the freezer
  • Once frozen, take the baby puree cubes out of trays and put them in the larger box to take less space

Mmm... it smells so nice.. and tastes so good! And no added sugars, preservatives, artificial flavorings or any E-numbers for my little one :) Just pure pear puree here on green carpet. And the larger portions can be eaten as puree, used on cakes and other desserts ;) 

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  1. I made pearsauce last fall and can't wait to make another batch this year!!