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Frozen goodies I - apple puree - baby food

There are unbelievably huge baskets of apples on green carpet this summer! Every one of them is so full of smell, flavor and goodness of nature.
Unfortunately I can't eat them all. Neither can I save them for my baby who will start eating regular foods some time in the spring. Since spring is the season, when nothing really grows naturally here, I have dedicated some of my time to prepare some goodies for my baby to eat then.
One of my own favorites- apple puree. Babies love it and everybody loves it, and it is useful for desserts, cakes etc.

  • Pick loads of apples from the garden.
  • Cut them in four, cut out the hearts.
  • Slice the quarters
  • Put all of them in deep oven bake tray and cover with foil
  • Cook them in the oven, stir once in a while until all soft

  • Squash them even more with spoon or fork and leave to cool
  • Fill them in the ice cube trays, put the trays in freezing bag and in the freezer

  • When frozen, remove from trays and put them in the box or freezing bag to take less space in the freezer
Some would think it's more convenient to savor them in conventional way- in the jars. But since this is prepared for a baby who will eat only very tiny amount of food at the time, it wouldn't be convenient at all, as I would have to think where to put the rest of the puree in the jar. This freezing in ice cube size portions, however, will allow me to have one frozen apple puree cube at the time to prepare for my baby. 

Another note- I purposely did not peel the apples before cooking, otherwise I would have cut off the most vitamin rich part of it. If tiny stripes of peel is bothering, you can take them out before filling the trays or when using the puree. 

 Mmm... it smells so nice.. and tastes so good! And no added sugars, preservatives, artificial flavorings or any E-numbers for my little one :) Just pure apple puree here on green carpet.

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