sestdiena, 2011. gada 20. augusts

Frozen goodies III - beans

Another week of harvesting and freezing on green carpet has passed. One of the best goodies of summer - beans!

Best prepared- boiled in salt water and served with melted butter or fried in butter after boiling. But unfortunate thing- available only in summer. Not this year, since we are expanding our freezing range.

  • Pick the beans
  • Cut off the ends 
  • Wash the beans
  • Put them in boiling water and boil them till soft (do not add any salt if for freezing)
  • When ready, immediately put the beans in ice water for a minute
  • Drain them and put them to cool completely
  • Put portions of beans in freezing bags and in the freezer until needed in winter! 

  • To prepare- defrost and fry them in butter... mmm... delicious! 

We love to eat them simply like above or with meat instead of potatoes or rice, but beans can be used also as a part of some good dishes with other veggies or meat :) 

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