piektdiena, 2011. gada 12. augusts

Frozen goodies II - chanterelle

One of the summer delights on green carpet is a chanterelle sauce on new season potatoes. Mmm... amazing.. 
But how to have it also on other seasons? Freeze them! 
  • Take your basket and go to the forest to pick these beautiful mushrooms
  • Clean the dirt, needles and leaves off
  • Tear the chanterelles in quite large pieces
  • Fry on the pan in butter till all the water has been drained from them
  • Cool them and place portions in freezing bags
  • Take them out of freezer whenever you want, defrost, put on the pan with butter, fry again, add salt, pepper and single cream.. and amazing sauce is ready to eat! 

Freezing is one of the best modern inventions on how to preserve foods from the rich seasons to empty ones, especially when such goodies are too much at once to eat. This summer on green carpet has been very kind to our freezers! 

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