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No to Teflon, yes to Green Pan

Never liked Teflon... Here on green carpet it seemed too weird to hear "you have to get rid of your teflon covered pan once it scraches, otherwise it will be toxic".
The first question then should be- why would I want to cook something in the pan that might become poisonous to me if I just by accident scrach it? And then another sign came- article by The Ecologist on cooking without Teflon.
Everytime you open such article that the thing you currently use (like Teflon pan) is bad and you should use an alternative, you shiver in premonition that this is once again going to be something terribly expensive.
Not this time. Apparently there are also not that crazy expensive alternatives as I looked at last time. The Ecologist also suggests a Green Pan. I opened their collection site- wonderful!! And according to the ecologist, the prices in John Lewis, for example, are not that bad at all!

As our family is moving back to Latvia this summer, we will need a whole lot of new kitchen items there. I already have one cast iron pan, but I think the rest I will get from Green Pan with Thermolon cover to try! NoTeflon allowed on green carpet!

*picture by Green Pan


Well, I did stop by John Lewis. Good that in between still so many Teflon covered pans I found that tiny shelf with GreenPans.
I guess John Lewis doesn't want its customers to buy them instead of their own Teflon line, because the selection was really small and there was not a single price tag to be found. Also nobody to ask.
So I checked it at the customer price check scan myself. The largest deep pan (30cm) which would be good for me, costs 45 GBP there. Unfortunately it doesn't have a lid..
My quest continues, maybe somewhere on internet it will be easier to get my GreenPan!

Updated 2

Well, as I promissed, my quest continued. Today I ordered from Amazon my new Green Pan- Nairobi collection, 28cm open fry pan (should look the same as in the picture above). I also had a chance to order a glass lid for it from Green Pan. So in total it cost me 47.55 with the delivery. Much better than in John Lewis.
I can't wait to move home and start using it!

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