trešdiena, 2011. gada 13. aprīlis

FSC Toilet rolls...

Unfortunately some of the recycled paper items cost a bit over what whe have at the moment on green carpet. One of those is toilet paper.. However, I strictly buy only FSC marked one and use it with thought (there is absolutely no proof or reason that 1 metre of paper will make you cleaner than couple fractions).
I also never use it for cleaning up. For that I have sponges and cloths, not paper!

On Green Carpet just started to follow FSC Latvia on Twitter as well.. and then it struck me. I don't know, if I'm gonna be able to buy FSC rolls there!! Some may think I'm funny or out of my mind worrying about it.. But when you come to think about it- if I can't have recycled one, I at least would like to have paper that doesn't come from illegal or unsustainable logging!
That's my quest during the Easter holiday in Latvia- find the FSC roll :)

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