pirmdiena, 2011. gada 4. aprīlis

Lawsuit against the GMOs, yey!

The reading time on green carpet got some material from Countercurrents that the Lawsuit Seeks to Invalidate Monsanto's GMO patents. It just made my day! I'm really looking forward to see the world GMO free again. Ok, I might be a little too enthusiastic at the moment, bubt that's one step in this direction.
I just read there that in the U.S. where the suit is filed there are still problems with labelling GM foods correctly. Well, let me tell you something- this problem is common also here, in Europe. Oh, yes, sure there are laws that it has to be stated on the packaging, and it is. Usually with mycroscopic letters that hardly anyone can read.. And just yesterday somebody whispered on green carpet, that the GMOs can be found also in very unexpected products, like cheese!! I'd never thought. Just another note to be more careful.
In Latvia there's also supposed to be a sign on the shelf, that this is a product that contains GMO. Sad, but when the investigators " Zemes Draugi"  (transl. Friends of Earth) found the oil that has been produced using GMO soya beans, there was no sign on the shelf. And I don' t know if here in the UK there is such laws, but I haven't seen any big signs on shelves that say- this is a GMO product. And this is a place where you can find more of such products than in Latvia.

So basically, this labelling thing doesn't work that well at all. I shouldn't be struggling to find whether it's ok to eat the thing or is it GMO. But I have to, if I want to know today. So I am really looking forward to this lawsuite and crossing all fingers on green carpet, that the Monsanto have their a*s kicked!

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