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One good deed from me to make Latvia greenest country in the world.

It's been a while ago when I posted some comments on the Yale Uni's Environmental Performance Index, where Latvia scored as high as 2nd in the world and No1 in Trend EPI. After such news environmental NGO's, some policy makers and individuals in society had made their mind to turn Latvia to be the No1 Greenest country in the world. I proudly share that goal and passion.

I've been using organic cosmetics and eco-friendly household cleaning products for quite long time already. I figure- it's a good time to take a step further. Why not withdraw the shipping costs? And I mean not only my wallet, but the Earth as well. Why not support local economy? It is my country in the end that needs its economy boosted.

In Latvia we have several wonderful organic cosmetics producers, some of which have made it out in the world with great success like Madara. Madara is also my favorite Latvian cosmetics producer, quality is wonderful and I love the smell of natural flowers and plants it has.. a little bitter one, just like the flower Madara. Their products are also gender unrelated, deo is good for both me and my husband.  Additional green bonus of Madara is that they would take back the empty packaging and give you a discount for that!
I already bought the first few things I needed- deo and eye cream from them, and trying out some day and night creams and baby oil, which felt amazing.

There are several more Latvian organic cosmetics brands that I still haven't tested. By I aim to. Once I ran out of any of the things in my bathroom- the next one I'm buying is going to be definitely produced right here, in Latvia.
However, if you want to try some before me, here are a couple I'm going to look at when I next need something- Kiwi natural cosmetics and Bio2You biological sea buckthorn cosmetics.

The same plan refers to household cleaning products. No need to buy Ecover, Sonnet, Tri-bio and Frosch that until now have been 'usual suspects' in my kitchen and bathroom. Latvian manufacturers have had good ingredients list for quite a while, but now they have reached next level- Eco-certification. Eco Seal for nature is the next laundry detergent and dish washing liquid I'm trying out!

Buying organic and eco friendly is good. But keep in mind that being conscious consumer means also really thinking through whether you really need the product. Many things can be replaced with even more 'natural' things.

In cosmetics area my favorite is hemp oil, natural, organic, local and comes in ceramic bottle with a cork on top. It's clean, great both for cooking and as body oil for me and the baby. I've written about it here.
Olive oil and other edible oils offer similar uses. You don't really need to buy a body lotion in plastic bottles with additional ingredients, do you? Add them yourself if really want to- essential oils, flower essences.. your call!
And nothing is better on your skin than things that you would actually eat- masks and scrubs should be only made in your kitchen..

In cleaning area I have found that nothing works better than simple baking soda and vinegar. Baking soda cleans my bathroom and kitchen as no chemical, but it's kind to surfaces and my skin, and does not smell at all. If you put it in the drains, add a bit of vinegar, close them and after 10minutes pour some boiling water in, they're free from potential clogging. Your house is clean. And your family is safe and healthy. So, remember, no need to buy another bathroom cleaner, just have soda on hand!

So- good deeds to make Latvia greenest country in the world- buy local organic cosmetics, local household cleaning products. And where you can, replace manufactured formulas with daily kitchen stuff. Locally produced and organic preferably.

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