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Hempseed oil- superfood for your body

Well, everybdy talks about superfoods that can make you super-healthy, super-slim, super-energized and so on. When you eat them. But what about the superfood that you can eat AND cover youself with it to get more benefits?
Well, my personal favorite- hempseed or simply hemp oil.

I buy locally grown and manufactured hemp oil that comes in a beautiful brown ceramic bottle with a cork. But what's inside? Lovely, dark green, cold pressed oil.

Eat it!
Use it instead your regular oil or butter with food and forget about the fish oil supplements-  in addition to tasty replacement of other oils in your kitchen (apart from the one you fry things in, it's not supposed to be heated), it's richer. It contains omega 3,6 and 9 in their best possible proportion, therefore hempseed oil is to be considered the most valuable one. Take into account also that its manufacturing is ecologically clenaer than eg. fish oil. It will strengthen your heart and give some extra energy.
Fats from hemp oil are especially healthy for women. It contains a quite rare gamma-linolenic acid that is taking care of the feminine processes in the body (regulating hormones) and also 'feeding' the skin from inside and improving its elasticity. It also works as a natural anti-aging agent. Gamma-linolenic acid also activates calcium absorption, but vitamin E that is also found in this oil is a natural anti-oxidant that helps fighting free radicals.
It is a wonderful choice for vegetarians and also during prengancy and breastfeeding to enrich our fatty acid levels. that are so important to keep up for healthy mama and bebe.

If you really do not like the taste of it, try out roasted and ground hemp seeds that contain both the oil and proteins, carbs and fibres. You could actually survive from this and water for extended periods of time. Not recommended though! It's just to illustrate how much of a superfood it actually is. And it's really tasty. I like to sprinkle it over my salad. However, my real treat is a slice of bread, little butter or ghee and then really thick coating of grind of hemp seeds.

Apply it! 
Everywhere. It will smooth and moisturise your skin. I like to pour it in my bath with some essential oils. Or apply it on damp skin after morning shower and then let it dry. In winters when skin is getting drier due to cold weather and heating indoors, it's exactly what I need!
I also apply it on my hair as a mask. Comb your hair, apply preferably lightly warm oil throughout hair and skin of the head. For a quick one you can wrap your hair with towel (beware, it will be greasy!) or just tie it back for few hours before washing. I'm too lazy for that. I apply oil before bed and leave it there overnight for extra nutritients for my hair. Wash it in the morning! My hair have become much less frizzy, much less dry and much more healthy!
And, of course, feel free to use it as a part in your scrubs and masks!

I even have replaced my baby's body oil with this and her dry skin is thankful to me for that.

Find out where you can buy this dark green elixir of health and enjoy!

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