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Home made yogurt

It was a while ago when I promised to share my experience of home made rhubarb yogurt on green carpet. It was after my trip to London and eating Rachel's super-tasty yogurts again.
Well, I must say- our home made version is fantastic!

We use the yogurt recipe my mom got in Ayurveda cooking lesson:

  • Take one liter of fresh milk (unpasteurized, straight from the farm)
  • 100g of natural yogurt (I used from dairy Daugava, use a good one that still has the neccessary bacteria)
  • Bring the milk up to the boiling point and remove from heat and let it cool until about 40 degrees C (to the point you can put your finger in it and hold it there)
  • Add the yogurt, stir and pour in jars
  • Leave the jars open on the table for 2-4 hours, depending how sour you want it to become
  • Eat it or close the jars and put it in the fridge

I like adding the flavors only for the portion I eat instead of mixing it all for one taste. 
For now I've tried such additives as blackberries, buck-thorn and maple syrup, pear jam and rhubarbs, of course. 
For rhubarb option just take fresh rhubarb, cut in small peaces, add sugar, let it soak, boil until rhubarbs soft and let it cool. Then add to the yogurt. Mmmm, perfect!
Note- do not add rhubarb mixture to yogurt before it has cooled, it will change the consistence from yogurt to rhubarb compote with cheesy bits! It still tastes good though, in case you still want to experiment... 

Home made yogurt is perfect for summer, since it's plain natural you can add either berries and fruits or put it in green salad, so I hope you try and enjoy this recipe!
Let me know if you have tried any interesting flavors and whether you liked the yogurt! 


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