otrdiena, 2012. gada 17. aprīlis

London souvenirs....

Recently there has been some traveling on green carpet.. unexpectedly I had to pack, take my always smiling baby and go to the lovely city of London. I must admit, I was a little afraid, but it all passed- apart from smells and smokers, London is very much baby friendly city, at least people are!
Not going much into detail, but just a note about what surprised me.. When I left London for going back to Latvia with its countryside goodies, healthy environment at least while we're out of the city, and all the natural stuff available here, I never imagined I will miss.... food stores in London... Honestly.
Even though I have much better veggies, wild berries, mushrooms, dairy products form nearby farms, there are still some things I really miss. Like Rachel's organic yogurts.. Like Whole Foods stores with such a wide choice of everything.. Like Yantra, the organic, vegan cafe near the Soho Square..
The variety of organic products in everyday chain stores in Latvia is growing so slowly, while, for example, Tesco now offers I think almost everything! In terms of selling organic, our stores here are still at the level London was at least couple of years ago, but I'm staying positive about their growth towards greener products on their shelves. But for now during winter I don't really trust the veggies and fruits there, so I really enjoyed having fresh organic salad while there.
Lucky for me, we now have Baltais Eko Jogurts in various tastes and of course Daugava's production. But I still miss Rhubarb yogurt. My plan this summer when our rhubarb bush is gonna be as huge as always- make my own. I'll let you know if we succeed!
Note for others living or visiting London- enjoy your opportunities to shop and eat organic, there are many and great!

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  1. Recipe for home made rhubarb yogurt in the latest post http://ongreencarpet.blogspot.com/2012/06/home-made-yogurt.html

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