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Spring meditation

As Winter for me starts with the first snow, the Waiting-For-Spring Season starts right on my birthday!
Here on green carpet you can already feel the changes in the air despite the snowy roofs and ground.. birds know and they're chirping and whistling it out loud... and the way air smells.. 
And I feel.. I feel I need some invigorating, vivid energy in me.. it's dreaming somewhere in me, so I'm going in there to look for it, to awaken it... 

I close my eyes sitting on my yoga mat after few Sun Salutations and Pranayama exercises, straighten my body, calm my breath.. I open the door within me and it takes me to my Sanctuary, my beautiful secret garden.. It has all four seasons within it to feel, it has eternal fire, water, air, earth in it's center.. I thank them for balance in my life..
Sun is shining bright and warm and then I sit on that white birch bench in the Spring garden.. See how the drop of water from the melting snow of birch branches is falling on a spot of dark, rich ground.. See within the ground, how it travels soaking through the soil that smells so bittersweet.. Be the drop of water yourself, feel yourself both traveling and receiving the moistening gift.. It carries all the warmth and energy of sun to a little seed deep in the ground.. Be the tiny seed that awaits to be awakened, feel how the little drop brings you back from your long winter sleep with an explosion of energy that shoots through every cell of your body... It's time to grow, to reach for the sunlight and pure air up there.. Reach up with your whole body.. See how green burgeon begins to sprout up, it grows brighter in color and stronger in stem.. Be the little sprout and feel the vivid juice traveling through your body, enjoy and explore the urge to grow multiplying your energy.. Grow through the soil and see the bright and warm sun, let the rays caress your new green leaves... Breathe in the pure and refreshing air that smells so crystal clear and invigorating.. Look how the tiny plant forms a white bud and opens it in the sunshine releasing beauty of nature and sweet smell that resembles true happiness.. Harvest the energy from your surroundings, collect the Spring energy and be that little flower- bloom and enjoy it!
I look at the little flower and bow in Namaste in gratitude for the lesson of insistent and vivid reaching towards your fulfillment and opportunity to bloom and bring happiness to myself and everyone around me..
I take a long breath leaving my Sanctuary energized for the day to come, joyful to be where I am and to do what I plan.. I'm full of Spring sensations and even here, in my room, the smells and freshness of the coming Season are present and surrounds me and my sleeping baby...
The new day has begun..

I hope you will find your own Sanctuary and enjoy at least few slow living moments that we all need to be content in our lives!

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