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DIY- Vintage Baby Cot- Photo report

As I already mentioned few posts ago, we've been busy with some DIY projects on green carpet. My personal favorite lately was my baby's cot.
In terms of anti-consumerism and boycotting low quality short usage products and choosing vintage instead- it's as green as can baby cot be- it's mine. Literally. I slept in it when I was a baby, my two brothers slept in it and now- my little princess will! (And I am sure- all our future children as well)
It all started with my husband cleaning it from previous paint and then I used linseed varnish and baby paint with  Zero VOC. Great guys in the store mixed all three colors I needed from one tin of paint so we don't waste more than we need!
I wanted this cot to be natural so I left some parts without a paint, just linseed varnish, which is also healthy option for little one to teeth on the upper parts of the bet as I remember my brother to do :)
I wanted this cot to be spring colorful so I chose my three favorites for my little princess- purple, spring green, yellow- all very light.
I wanted this cot to be fun for her, so I painted some butterfly, bee, snail, caterpillar silhouettes on the natural wood parts.
We took off one side of this conventional cot to turn it to a co-sleeper since I consider it as one of the basic 'pillars' of natural parenting- being close to your offspring also during the

Now it's already in our room, it seems so big comparing to our Roba co-sleeper that will go to our city apartment.. Coco and buckwheat mattress is already in place, organic cotton mattress cover and bed sheet as well, Oko-tex approved wool filled blanket is already within a cotton flannel cover made by me. We have a 'second hand' canopy thanks to our dear friend. I also hanged a linen bag of lavender and a bag of meadow sweet on her bed for calm and relaxing sleep.
Umf, now I kind of feel she's really growing and it moves me, makes me happy with a little hint of sadness- I already miss her being this tiny little baby. But I love her. And I love that she loves my DIY Vintage Cot!!!!

But here's the most important- PICTURES:

A project done with pure and unconditional love...

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