ceturtdiena, 2011. gada 17. februāris

Welcome On Green Carpet!

Welcome on green carpet!
I've grown up at the place where you breath fresh air, hear birds singing, smell meadows and forest..where I had nature at your doorstep. and I want to save such places and moments for my children- I believe that we ought to leave this place better than we found it when arrived. Now I live in a busy city and learn more and more how to care for myself, my family, my home, my environment, my planet.. Being green means loving myself and my environment.. Because I am what I eat, I am where I live.. I am one with the nature..
I also learn a lot of old and new things that I can do myself to break down the superfast consumerism may it be cooking all meals at home, promoting recycling, knitting clothes for my child or growing salad in aquaponic system. There are some things that I do already and some things I still dream about.. and all of them can meet here, on green carpet..
Green carpet is this magical place, where you can sit or lie down like in a soft, green grass that smells so fresh and nice.. it is a place where you can do everything- dream, discuss climate change, crochet new scarf, relax, breastfeed the baby or invite some guests for hand picked organic tea cup...that's why I love my green carpet.. it's always there for my greenies.

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