ceturtdiena, 2011. gada 17. februāris

Volunteering for Homo Ecos

Volunteering is very important action here on green carpet.
Yesterday I finally did what I wanted to do for quite a while- I volunteered again! :)
Now I am helping NGO "Homo Ecos" in Latvia to organize a conference on Bioplastic and Biodegradable plastic. It is exciting to do what I like, it is a great feeling I can do something green again. At the moment I am looking for all plastic manufacturers, traders, media etc.
Wouldn't that be wonderful, that we could buy more bioplastic items like milk bottles? To buy fruits, cakes, biscuits, yogurts, soured cream etc in biodegradeable bioplastic packaging and containers? That we could put this packaging together with the organic waste in biodegradeable bin bags and later have it moved to compost to provide new "food" for the gardens? I think that would be great.
Otherwise I keep having this nightmarish film on life of a plastic bag in my mind..
Take a look:

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