otrdiena, 2014. gada 14. janvāris

January: Clutter. A Simple Year

I already mentioned before that this year I embark on an adventurous journey called  A Simple Year course that is finally here to remind us that things don't bring happiness, and simplicity is what we need most often to really enjoy our lives, sharing time not things with our loved ones.

January is the month I am to deal with the clutter. I have voluntarily but intuitively already dealt with the clutter in my wardrobe, now I'm reading into the course material to apply it to the rest of the rooms and storage spaces.

Inspiration "Golden Hour" from National Geographic

As Joshua from Becoming Minimalist (our mentor) puts it:

"Ultimately, there are 4 steps necessary to remove clutter and embrace a simpler year: 1) be convinced; 2) believe it is possible; 3) remove the excess; and 4) implement new habits to manage clutter. "

And I agree to him! First I have to be convinced that it's best to remove the stuff and to believe that I can do without it. No matter how green I've strived to be, I'm still one of those old fashioned country style of people maybe, who keeps things just in case I need them (again or ever).. It is kind of green not to throw them away, because I hate filling my trash can. On the other hand, maybe there's someone who actually needs the item instead of just keeping it in the drawer..

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I keep some things in case I may need them again (why would I want to re-buy it)? But, usually, you don't need those things and can find a way to make-do without. I think I should take this course too.... ;)