ceturtdiena, 2014. gada 2. janvāris

Happy, healthy and green 2014!

Seasons greetings everyone!!!

It's been as hectic as usually here, maybe even little more than usually. Many things are on my schedule- family, work, school, Christmas crafts, yoga, reading, going outdoors, relaxing with a cup of tea, visiting people and many other important ones.

Even if I have come to think that 1st January is really nothing that gets me thinking of anything else but just regular tradition (Latvian traditions used to count a new year from 25th December, but Chinese year of the Horse has not even started yet), I still want to wish everyone something!

I wish everyone happiness. A friend recently reminded me, that there is no year in passage of time that would bring only nice things and merry events. But happy man is the one that receives with gratitude and smile on the face and in heart all he is given. So I wish you happiness in 2014!

I also wish you all good health in all mind, body and spirit! May the Horse bring you strength, endurance, playfulness and harmonious beauty of the nature!

And, of course, I wish you a green year! I do hope that the Green Horse will bring a lot of green ideas, inspirations and works in people all around the world!

This year I am doing something that I have never seriously done before yet- I am setting a list for myself.
9 is a very meaningful number in various traditions- yoga, Latvian pagan tradition (that I hold very dear to my heart) and others. Therefore this year I am setting a list of 3 sections of 9 things "to do" for myself or what I would like to call them better- Inspiring Reminders of what I do and should do, whether they are the principles to live by or exact number of things that must be done in certain time.

I promise to myself that I will


  1. Live honoring Latvian traditions
  2. Live honoring Namaste
  3. Do yoga every day
  4. Meditate every day
  5. Eat more raw every day
  6. Fresh juices and smoothies every day
  7. Sing every day
  8. Read 26 books this year
  9. Receive and make the miracles come to life


  1. Say loving things to my loved ones every day
  2. Inspire myself and others every day
  3. Be more simple and more attached parent
  4. Spend more quality time with my family doing things together instead of along each other
  5. Welcome more new ancient Latvian traditions and wisdom in our lives and home
  6. Teach the love to yoga to my daughter
  7. Dance with my husband
  8. Cook something special for my loved ones once a week
  9. Make home


  1. Reduce the clutter in my life and surroundings
  2. Try myself on Project 333
  3. Learn to live a simple life with help of A Simple Year course
  4. Learn 2 new skills this year
  5. Sit 3 exams for my university this year
  6. Write a blog post every month
  7. Make a craft every month
  8. Make 1/3 of Christmas gifts by October
  9. Grow something unusual this year

Do you have "The list"  this year? I hope mine will serve me as a good reminder of the things that are important to me for the moments I become a little lazy or forget to fill all my cups! 

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