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Shampoo bar!

Since I made a commitment to buy all the natural face and body cosmetics and care products that are made here in Latvia (unless they are not produced here at all), I had my fair share of doubt and dilemma on green carpet. Many of my inspiration providing people were talking about bar shampoo that would be less waste producing since it has no plastic bottle/tube packaging etc.
So when I ran out of shampoo I started searching- maybe there is someone making those in Latvia after all? And it appeared there is someone, to be precise- Kazas laukos makes 2 versions of shampoo bars (one with silk protein, another one anti-.
I just tried it- it seems it washed my hair well, will see about the real results tomorrow morning..

About the shampoo bars- Kazas laukos claims to use only natural and eco friendly products, even though they do not have any certification of organic cosmetics. This is probably the only time that I trusted the word of the producer just to try it out. It came in a nice brown paper bag. Unfortunately the bar itself was wrapped in a cling film before put in a paper bag. I think I'll email them suggesting they skip that part, it really isn't neccessary if there's a paper around it! Or they could replace the film with additional piece of wrapping paper?
About the ingredients. The description says the following:

  • coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, bees wax, hemp oil, castor oil, goat milk, silk protein. 

Plus they say they use goat milk from local country goats in all their products, which is also a nice touch. Plus it's all handwork. And compared to imported products, this has almost zero transportation.

I also indulged in some consumption moment and bought a shaving soap called "Black Velvet" for my husband in the same purchase, since he ran out of that one too. So with his product we also saved our planet from one more plastic bottle. I'll post a comment of whether he liked it!

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